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Cambourne Angling Society
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Club Background
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History of Our Club. Camborne Angling Society was set up in 2004. We started off fishing monthly matches on Lake Ewart. It was our intention to run the fishing on Lake Ewart however politics prevented this. We now fish matches both on Lake Ewart and other local venues.

The club was founded by Paul Willson and Chris Leake. The first match took place before the club was formed in November 2002.

Our Charter

Cambourne Anglers are group of Angling Pals who meet socially and for matches once a month. As such we have no real charter at the moment. Matches can be arranged by any of the group and this website can be used to advertise events.

Our Club Officers

There are no officials in the club as we are an informal group of anglers. There are no assets held by the group


More members will be needed before officers can be elected.