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The Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about members, and also to let members communicate with each other.

I (Paul) may have to move away soon so I am looking for someone to take over running matches and also this website.

New scientist article

Has anyone any good suggestions for match venues? Please could you e-mail suggestions with contact details for venue etc.

This spring has been very cold and the fishing unpredictable however there are plenty of fish to be caught. There are numerous rudd upto 6oz and if you can get among the carp, a big catch can be had. Avoiding the rudd is the problem as they are taking quite large baits. This makes for interesting match fishing at the moment because it is a difficult choice wether to go for numerous small fish or sit out for the carp that can top 6lb. Now the fish have finished spawning I think there will be some very big catches for anglers who get it right. I expect the 4-hour match record of 37lb to be smashed this summer. However it is not so easy to catch the carp as it used to be. They learn quite fast. Well-balanced tackle should be used. It also means that for matches it is a requirement to spread out more because these big carp fight. Anglers, please remember to use barbless hooks and hook-lengths at least 20% weaker than the main line to stop carp being tethered. (You also get to keep more floats that way too).

Summer so far

Its been a great start to summer. Plenty of carp up to 8lb have been caught with reports of odd bigger fish from Ewart. Top methods have been bread on surface or luncheon meat. Lawn Farm has fished brilliantly, Especially Cherry Tree Lake. Local rivers also fishing well, especially Great Ouse and Cam.



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We might post classified ads from our members in this area.

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